Are you looking for some inspiration on what handmade gifts you should be making for your family? Look no further! We’ve made a list of some of our favourites. Take a look below!


      1.Painted plant pot


A beautiful hand-painted plant pot never goes out of style! Here’s some inspiration below:

Plant some good winter Brisbane plants or herbs like coriander which thrive pretty well in cold Brisbane weathers. You can also try growing lavender, which is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant for anyone’s home!


      2. Handmade card 


Some of the most beautiful timeless gifts is a handmade card! Inspiration lies everywhere. You can design with silver or gold sharpie pens or you could easily design them with some white pencil and black paper. Take a look at some inspiration below:


A little personal and professional touch to your card could be a beautiful monogram! Find out more here.



      3. Scrapbook 


Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to document all your favourite memories. Some inspiration below:

Try adding polaroid photos! It gives it a lovely vintage look. For a personalised touch, contact us if you would like to finish your personal gift with our monogram or another speciality printing finish.



      4. Travel pack 


With restrictions easing, your loved ones may be looking to plan and book for holidays. Maybe you could make a little travel pack for them with all their favourite goodies! Some inspiration below:


Good News! We’ve got products in our store to make a travel pack like the one above! Take a look, click on the photo if you’d like to go to the product page.



Good luck with your gift-making ventures!







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